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16 June 2018 • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Ruth's Table • Bethany Senior Center

580 Capp Street • San Francisco

ruth's table

Portraits, the newest novel by N. A. Diaman from Persona Press, chronicles the lives of Theo Demetrios, Sebastian Brown, and Conrad Runningdeer in San Francisco, Paris, and San Miguel de Allende. Three men, three cities...united by love.

Theo returns to San Francisco after university, finds a place to live, visits his parents, and is introduced to a Bohemian literary circle. He spends most of his life in the city of his birth working in a bookstore and later as a writer. Falls in love and is involved in a long–term relationship.

Sebastian spends his early years in New York before going to Paris for the first time. After returning to the US he goes west but is unable to find work in his chosen field. The offer of a job abroad allows him to go back to Europe, where he eventually settles.

Conrad leaves his home in New Mexico, moving from one romantic relationship to another before he finds the man he’s willing to spend his life with. His skills as an artist allow him to live quite comfortably on the West Coast. However, the rapid changes around him lead to a reassessment of his situation and he finds home across the border in Mexico.

Home means different things to different people and there are a variety of ways individuals choose to live. Economic stability is a prime consideration for a large segment of society. Artistic expression draws others. Personal relationships are impacted. Loved ones, family, friends pass away. And the journey from youth to old age continues until the full circle of human existence is completed.

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